Tedella Technologies operates as a software and IT services consulting company, comprising a dedicated team of exceptionally skilled technology experts.

Who we are

Tedella, a prominent IT service provider across Africa, has nurtured a robust network of partnerships that seamlessly link businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers. Leveraging value-added services, we empower them to optimize their operations and enhance performance in their respective domains.

With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades in the Information Communication and Technology sector, Tedella consistently sets the standard for excellence in Africa. Our unwavering commitment to a culture of service excellence drives us, and we execute our operations in accordance with global best practices, adhering to ISO9001 certification processes across the entire organization.

Customer Centric

Our Belief

At Tedella, we hold the belief that our customers are more than just clients; they are our valued partners. This core philosophy drives our unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional customer service and support. We stand ready to assist with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Our dedicated team of experts possesses extensive experience in the Fintech and SaaS industries, and we maintain a vigilant watch on the ever-evolving trends and technologies. This vigilance ensures that our products consistently remain at the forefront of innovation. By staying ahead of the curve, we empower our customers to remain competitive and thrive in their respective domains.

Our forward-thinking ethos is a driving force behind our capacity to creatively envision solutions and think innovatively when addressing both intricate and apparently straightforward issues. This mindset similarly influences all our interactions with clients.


Ndubueze Victor​

Founder & CEO

Nworgu Happiness

Executive Director

Ogudu David​

Executive Head of Sales

Ikechukwu​ Nduka

Executive Head of Tech

Ebube Anthony

Head of Application


Amazing team members​

Doing amazing job everyday​